Anzula Luxury Fibers - Gerty

Anzula Luxury Fibers - Gerty

Learn of the Anzula "Gerty" base yarn.

Anzula Luxury Fibers are located in Downtown Fresno, CA. They are a team of passionate women who love good yarn and vibrant colors. All of their yarn is hand-dyed, and they have 140 shades that can be made in any of the yarn bases they carry! To achieve this, they use acid dyes. Acid refers to acetic acid, (vinegar) or citric acid. Acid dyes are safe for both the dyer and the environment. The dye is absorbed into the yarn and the remaining water is safe to dispose into the sewage system. Dharma Trading Co. has a great article about how acid dyes work. Anzula uses acid dyes to avoid the risk of creating contaminants that need to be disposed of.

I would like to introduce you to their Gerty yarn.

Gerty is fingering weight yarn made of 100% Targhee wool which is made from domestically raised and milled fleece. Targhee wool yarn is classified as a fine wool, soft and elastic, and considered more durable than is Merino. It is easy to knit, easy to wear, and spun very evenly. It has good body and is fairly sturdy. The hand is not at all scratchy. It is a good yarn for toddlers, kids and adults as well. It also felts beautifully. It takes their hand-dying very well. Each shade is just slightly tonal.

Targhee is one of America’s youngest breeds of sheep. They are based in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. The breed is raised primarily for wool. The mature weigh anywhere from 125lb. to 300lb. They have thick, high quality fleece, open faces, white wool and are large framed. Targhee sheep are named after the Targhee National Forest where the animals graze during the summer. The forest was named for a chief of the Bannock Indians of the Northern Paiute who had lived in the area in the 1860’s. One cannot get a more American name than that!





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