Hamurana Springs Wrap

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Hamurana Springs Wrap

Size:  Medium

Pattern:  SMINE

     - Hamurana Springs is a freshwater cold spring located on the northern shore of Lake Rotorua; home of the world-famous geothermal resort in New Zealand's North Island.  The scenic walk is beside the sparkling clear stream, from lake to headwaters.  At headwaters, azure blue water emerges from a deep hold and travels along the winding stream, flowing over white sands and green weed, before entering the lake.  Swans, geese and ducks inhabit the mouth of the stream and rainbow trout swim in the upper reaches.  Giant redwood trees line the eastern bank and their fallen needles have turned the soil to a rich brown.  This piece is designed to evoke the wonderful colors of the redwood trunks and the brown soil, the bright fresh leaf greens, and the deep blue waters of the springs. 

Yarn:  Malabrigo Finito

     - Shades:  Chispas, Arco Iris, Indiecita, Azules

     - Kettle Dyed

     - Pure Superfine Merino Wool

     - Made in Peru

     - Finest Uruguayan Wool available only once per year in limited quantities to help breeders develop finer wools from their flock


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